Rhone Alpes Leman Agency

Strongly established for nearly 18 years in real estate both in France and abroad (France, Switzerland, Morocco, Mauritius). IMMOBILAC Franco-Suisse Rhône-Alpes Leman has set up its agency in SCIONZIER- 74950, opposite the town hall, as part of the establishment of a regional office responsible for covering the whole of the Haute Savoie region, covering the ARVE valley, the CHAMONIX and MEGEVE sectors, and the whole of the ANNECIAN Basin, as an extension of its establishment in the Lake Geneva area around Geneva.

This unique Franco-Swiss agency in SCIONZIER, thanks to its clientele acquired by the expertise of its real estate trades, finds all its preponderant place in front of the requirements of its important Franco-Swiss customers with a strong financial capacity of the cross-border customers working generally in couple on Switzerland.

Equipped with modern means, virtual visit in 3 D, present on important supports as well in France as in Switzerland, the notoriety of this Franco-Swiss Group will know how to guide you by its brokers specialized in real estate transactions covering a clientele as well as a demanding clientele of exceptional goods, listening to you and helping you in the specific research of your goods, as well in housing as in rental investments.

IMMOBILAC Franco-Suisse Rhône-Alpes Leman, will also know how to satisfy you by its referencing with promoters in the New allowing an appropriate renting profitability and will advise you with your banking partners in the best report on interest rates seen according to the current market.

In a real estate and industrial market which is certainly sustained, it is up to us to remain vigilant. The IMMOBILAC Franco-Suisse Group, with its professionalism, its strong reactivity, its constant will to differentiate, will know how to take advantage of your demanding research by adapting itself through the setting up of its new agencies, by a real force of proposal on the whole of the Lake Geneva basin, the whole of the Haute Savoie, Switzerland and Morocco ... and the availability of a real network of men and women of trades having acquired a perfect knowledge of their region, from which they originate.

Agency Jura

Whether you are a first-time buyer, a cross-border commuter, a retiree, an investor or other and whether you have a modest or substantial budget.

Each client has his own ambitions, which is why our Champagnol agency team, which is intimately familiar with the Haute Jura market, is ready to listen to you in order to fine-tune and carry out your project in a friendly and humanistic spirit, and will be able to provide you with real advice in order to bring your desires to life by successfully completing your project, from the moment you make contact to the handing over of the keys, including financing. Whether you are a first-time buyer, a cross-border commuter, a retiree, an investor or other and whether you have a modest or substantial budget.

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